It's By Sam

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Client Events


Option 1: Client Gifting

Allow me to be the focus of your next client event or dinner. I will provide a selection of samples that guests can choose from and place an order throughout the course of the event. I will then take these orders back to NYC to create masterpieces. Once completed, I will ship them to your offices to package and distribute. I will travel anywhere in the US and out of country for these events.


  • No quantity limit
  • Rate per item

Option 2: On-Site Client Gifting

Host an event or dinner where I will come with materials in hand and create simpler designs on site that clients can take with them directly from events. 


  • Quantity is dependant on time-frame
  • Hourly Rate

Option 3: Promotional Items

Custom-painted promotional items for all of your client and employee gifting needs. I can paint anything from shoes to ties, and can hand paint any logo or image you need.


  • No quantity limit
  • Images may vary
  • Rate per item



Product Information

Product Possibilities

  • shoes
  • sneakers
  • jeans
  • denim jackets
  • laptop cases
  • purses
  • makeup cases
  • leather jackets
  • water bottles
  • ties 
  • hats
  • backpacks
  • dresses
  • phone cases
  • perfume bottles
  • sunglass cases

Material Possibilities

  • canvas
  • cotton 
  • suede
  • leather
  • glass
  • silk 
  • plastic
  • etc...

Order Size

  • Under 50 to around 1,500 items

Sam is always up for a new challenge, striving to find new and innovative canvases and materials to work with. If you have an idea beyond what is listed, we can work together to find a solution.